Two Saturdays Until College Football Season – Plan Your Tailgate

Football season is only 2 Saturdays away.  If you’re anything like us, you have now officially broken your promise to not obsess about the Canes until the season starts.  The season is so close that you can practically smell the tailgate.  Even with constant electronic information, there aren’t enough articles/tweets/interviews/etc. to pass the time before kickoff.  What can you do?  Well, it’s never too early to start planning your tailgate!

On that topic, BuzzFeed has a pretty good list of tailgating tips to help you plan the perfect tailgate for Louisville on Sept. 1st (or Florida A&M on Sept. 6th if you are not making the trip up to Louisville).

Tailgating Basics
Tailgating Basics Bag

Our thoughts on some of the items on BuzzFeed’s list:

1. Toolbox Packed With Tailgate Essentials – This is a must.  We previously advocated for a Tailgate Basics Bag that accomplishes the same thing.  Basically, the bag should have all the odds and ends that you know you will need but always forget.

2. How to Pack a Cooler – If you don’t know how to pack a cooler than you probably have an FSU diploma on your wall.  Please stop reading here.

6. Label Your Coolers so Guests Can Find Drinks Easily – Pretty good idea.  Also helps to bust kids who “accidently” reach into the beer cooler thinking it was soda.

9. Mini First-Aid Kit – Genius.  Make sure the kit has Advil in case you are “over served” at the tailgate and need to get rid of that hangover headache.

TP Tailgate
Flag vs. Balloon

15 Helium Balloon so Friends Can Find You – Smart.  May we recommend a flagpole as an even better option?  More team spirit and less kids crying when balloon Elmo gets popped.

18. Hang Paper Towel Roll Using Bungee Cord – This is by far the best thing on this list.  We are commandeering this idea.  The paper towel roll always takes up too much space on the beer pong table and always seems to blow over and then come unraveled.  It is nowhere to be found when you need it.  This solves so many problems.  Thank you BuzzFeed.

21. Convert Back of Car Into Fully-Stocked Bar – If you do this please note: (1) unlike the picture, please don’t use real glass wear; (2) it is illegal to drive with open containers of alcohol.  If opening multiple bottles, consider using pints so you can finish/throw away any excess so as to avoid driving home with it; (3) some cars interior lights come on when the tailgate is open.  Know if your car does this.  If so, be sure to have BuzzFeed’s No. 12 with you.

36. Class Up Your Tailgate With Special Touches – Do not look at the picture.  You have been warned.

Cruzin Cooler

39. Take It On The Road – These ladies are officially invited to CanesTailgating’s tailgate.


Do you have any additional tips/tricks/suggestions?


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