Sunlife’s Clear Tote/Clutch Policy for Canes Too

In case you didn’t make it to the first game, ladies. You will find a different welcome when you get up to the bag line to give your ticket. Meaning you may be sent back to your car when trying to bring in a purse or bag.

Sunlife Stadium has adopted the NFL’s bag policy for Dolphins AND CANES games. Dolphins ticket holders received their sanctioned bag in the mail already and Canes fans were sent an email before the season start stating that bags will be sent after the Canes game against Florida. The gates are supposed to lenient for the first two games, however at the FAU game the leniency was not present. People with bags were sent sprinting back to the car.

See below for the policy specifics, but opt for a hand size clutch or a gallon size clear bag. Sporting a ziplock is not the greatest accessory, so opt for a small clutch and laugh at all the Gator girls getting sent back to their cars for a ziplock or homemade saran wrap invention.

South Florida Sun Sentinel
South Florida Sun Sentinel

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