This Ones for Duke: Hurricanes v. VA Tech, November 9th at 7pm

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The Miami Hurricanes suffered a loss to the Florida State Seminoles 41-14 Saturday. To say that we all hoped that our Golden Boys would come through with a win, would be an understatement. This game was not just an instate rivalry, but it was a measuring stick of both how far we’ve come, and how far we have to go.  Three years of U-Tough and buying into Coach Golden’s system resulted in disciplined, last minute wins against North Carolina and Wake Forest.  Going into halftime of the FSU game, down by a single score and receiving the ball at the end of the half, showed a glimpse into this team’s future.  But a quick Seminoles touchdown and a Canes turnover turned the dream of an undefeated season into just that, a dream.  No one wants to lose.  No one wants to lose after going undefeated through the first seven games of the season.  And especially no one wants to lose to a bitter instate rival such as Florida State.  However,  a loss to #3 FSU is respectable and the Canes put up a hell of a fight.  Arguably, more than #8 Clemson who lost (at home) to the Seminoles 51-14.

This unfortunate loss comes with an unexpected twist as now, the Miami Hurricanes will need to move forward  without star player, Duke Johnson. Duke broke his ankle in the third quarter when he was taken down by defensive tackle Nile Lawrence-Stample.  A replay by ESPN had Canes fans’ hearts everywhere dropping.  It has since been confirmed that Duke suffered a broken ankle. His first surgery will likely be this week and Canes fans everywhere hope for a speedy and full recovery.  A running back like Duke cannot be replaced.  What he brings to the team both on the field and in the locker room cannot be understated.   He brings so much heart and drive to the game.  In his Bald Man on Campus interview, Duke stated that he liked knowing that the other team was gunning for him and that he thrived on the pressure. The Duke has courage and the spirit of The U that we call Swagger. We know that Duke will be cheering from the sidelines and motivating his teammates.  Dallas Crawford is much more than a serviceable backup.  Despite disagreeing with 98% of what comes out of Jesse Palmer’s mouth, I think he was right during his Thursday night broadcast of the UNC game when he said that Crawford would be a starter on 85% of the teams around the country.  Here’s to hoping Crawford makes the most of this opportunity.  Here’s to hoping the team puts FSU in their rearview mirror and moves on to Virginia Tech (like Jay-Z said it’s on to the next one).  And here’s to hoping we win out for Duke…                                       -Wyfie Cane


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