Miami’s Train vs. USF’s Bus

The undefeated University of Miami Hurricanes (3-0) travel up to Tampa to face USF this weekend to face off against the defeated (0-3) Bulls.   For all you need to know about Xs and Os in this game, see Dan E. Dangerously’s  “The More You Know” segment on For a lulz worthy slogan comparison, see below:  TP Full Speed

The Canes’ theme this year is “Full Speed Ahead.”  You can find this slogan on programs, T-shirts, media guides, etc.  Offensive line coach, Art Kehoe perhaps best encapsulated what “Full Speed Ahead” means when he previously told reporters: “Get in the train, lean forward, if your foot is out, we’re going to ax it right off.” (Seriously, how much did you miss this coach?)

The USF Bulls have adopted a slightly different slogan for their year, urging fans to “Get On The Bus“.  What’s better than programs, T-shirts, and media guides?  A video!  In a video that you have to see for yourself, USF even convinced their head coach, Coach Taggart to “drive” the metaphorical bus.

USF’s Bus is stalling out on the tracks…

Well, the bus is pulling up to a railroad crossing.  A train out of Miami will be coming by at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 28th.  Bulls, you are advised to push, pull, or tow the bus off the tracks.  You have been warned.

Final Thought: On the topic of slogans, in the past, USF has also taken out advertising space on billboards throughout Florida, comparing themselves to Miami, Florida State, and the University of Florida in an effort to gain brand recognition through approximation.  The billboards claimed that the “Big 3” (Miami, Fla. St., and UF) ceased to exist – there is now the “Big 4” which includes USF.  Big 4 BillboardWell, USF lost earlier this year to Florida Atlantic University (a school that Miami beat 34-6).  If there is a Big 4 (which there isn’t), wouldn’t that make FAU the 4th? Welcome to the club Owls fans!

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