Hurricanes Football Tailgate Basics Bag


Nothing is worst than showing up to SunLife Stadium (Miami Gardens) without something you need. A good way to always make sure you have the basics is to pack them before the season starts and keep all your supplies together.

  • PLASTIC SILVERWARE: Looking for Canes colors? For a good price and selection of colors, try a dollar store near you. If you have no luck, then grab the colors you need through out the year at Target or other stores that will have holiday themed party gear. Orange can be picked up after Halloween. Green can be picked up after Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day.
  • PLASTIC/PAPER PLATES: You might want to opt for plastic is your are going to be BBQ-ing and there is going to be juice that will soak through a paper plate.
  • PAPER TOWELS/ NAPKINS: Even if you bring the cute football themed napkins, you still will need the paper towels. Messes happen.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL/ LYSOL WIPES: These help keep a sanitary tailgate and a clean grill after the party is over.
  • ALUMINIUM WRAP/ PLASTIC ZIPLOCK BAGS: Don’t miss the Hurricanes emerging from the smoke at the beginning of the game because you have nothing to pack up your food with.
  • TRASH BAGS: There are trashcans posted around the parking lot, but avoid the extra walking and the chance that it might be full from other tailgaters.
  • SOLO CUPS: Cannot forget SOLO Cups, but a Canes Tailgater’s cups should be green or orange. Randomly, Target or your neighborhood supermarket may have your team colors, but you will need to pick them up as you see them because I do mean random times. College football season does not mean the cups will be in stock.
  • KOOZIES: Don’t let the Miami heat warm up your beer or the Miami condensation leave you with soaked hands.
  • BOTTLE OPENER/ WINE OPENER: Avoid the makings of a soon to be very popular YouTube video. Canes Tailgaters should hone there inner Boy Scout and always be prepared for any offerings a guest may bring!
  • SEASONING: That being said also be prepared for someone who brings some meat to through on your grill. Keep your BBQ rep up by bringing your own seasoning. A few staples are garlic powder, pepper, and Lawry’s Season Salt
  • ALUMINIUM SERVING TRAYS: You can get these in bulk before the college football season from CostCo or BJ’s. These trays are great for serving hot food. It helps keep the food hot and avoids a mess.

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