Hurricanes Football is coming….

Happy August! What is there to celebrate in August? The return of College Football Season.Brace-Yourselves-Football

The first game to break the college football seal will be Abilene Christian at Georgia State at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, August 27th. For those football fiends that actually want view that game, it will be available for your viewing pleasure on ESPN U. Otherwise, the rest of the college football nation can start watching a plethora of games Thursday.

Canes football fans have a lot to look forward to this season. Namely, the return of Duke Johnson from last year’s broken ankle injury, Dallas Crawford, the stunner fourth-year junior named Mr. Versatility by the Miami Herald, and how our Hurricanes Football Team are going to perform without a crazy amount of hype and scrutiny. 

The Hurricanes are entering the season with their most noteworthy news being about the release of two linebackers,  JaWand Blue and Alexander Figueroa, in July for doing something despicable that I will not repeat due to the embarrassment and rage that results.

What does this mean for Hurricanes Football? Hopefully, it means that the Hurricanes will have the breathing room free from hype and scrutiny to get their game together and perform. The Hurricanes came up when they were the underdogs, and maybe that is where we need to be before the glory days of the 30-for-30 Canes will return. The team will never be like it was, but Golden may reinvent the Hurricanes just yet and bring our Swagger back.


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