CT’s Top 10 Ways to Keep Your College Gameday Drink Cold

Miami Hurricanes fans have to battle the Miami sun when trying to keep their tailgate beverages cold. There are a variety of strategies and drink receptacles that can function to keep your drink frosty. Below is a countdown of Canestailgating.com‘s most stylist ways to keep your Drink of the Game cold while showing your Miami Football spirit. Starting with #1 BEST way to keep your drink cold and sweat-free.

Tervis Tumbler –www.dickssportinggoods.com

1. Tervis  If you are from or live in Florida, then you know what a Tervis tumbler is and may very well have them instead of regular glasses. These plastic glasses resist condensation and work to keep whatever beverage in them cold or hot. You can even freeze your Tervis in preparation for tailgating! Cost: $12-$20 Cool Rating: 9

2. Can Koozie   A Florida and Gameday essential is the koozie. The koozie not only keeps your beer cold, but comes in an unlimited array of colors with just about any team spirit saying you want on them. The best ones that keep your hands dry and your drink cold are made from neoprene “wetsuit” rubber. The best part is that when you are ready to go into the game, a koozie easily folds up and fits in your pocket. Cost: $Free-$5 Cool Rating: 7


3. Bottle Koozie  The bottle koozie is the same idea as the can koozie, but less likely to fit in a pocket unless you are rocking cargos. Cost: $3-10 Cool Rating: 7



Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cup

4. Vino2Go  If you opt for wine or champagne instead of beer or cocktails, keeping your classy beverage cold is even more important! The wine sippy cup prevents spills, condensation, and keeps your hand from heating up your gameday grapes. Vino2Go is a new up and coming addition to tailgates. If you want to up your classy swag even more, you can get a monogram for your Vin02Go! Cost: $15 Cool Rating: 6/7


5. Foam Cups  These are cheap and easy. The foam cups may not be environmentally friendly, but they are easy when it is time to clean up and get ready to go into the game. Cost: $7 for a pack of 10 Cool Rating: 5


6. Woozie The ORIGINAL wine insulator. Essential this is a koozie for a wine glass. This comes in less of a variety of colors and patterns that would fit a fan’s gameday style. The problem is that you need to pay attention to the material that your Woozie is made out of to prevent it from becoming a wine sweater. And just as a side note, male fans may want to avoid repping a Woozie, otherwise all your

Tailgate Queen Woozie
Tailgate Queen Woozie

man cards might get pulled. Cost: $8-15 Cool Rating: 5

7. Double Sided Gel Mug These cups keep your beverage frosty at first, but after they warm up are pretty useless. As far as looks go, these are old school and there are not a variety of colors for gameday spirit. If the gel mug is your style, then chances are you roll in a giant Buick and may have your ticket from the 1991 championship game in your wallet. Cost: $25-32 Cool Rating: 4


8. Red Solo Cup  Ballads have been written about this tailgating classic. Nothing can be said bad about the Solo cup. They are cheap, abundant, and disposable. They do not do much for keeping your drink cold, but they come in a variety of colors for your gameday needs. For Miami Hurricanes, Target is good place to pick up your Orange and Green Solo Cups. Cost: $25-32 Cool Rating: 4

9. Beer Glass  Are you insane? Drunks, hot sun, flip flops and game spirit is not a good environment for glass. Unless you are into someone going to the hospital leave the glass at home. Cost: $hospital visit Cool Rating: 2

10. Nothing  If being lazy is your thing. Cost: free Cool Rating: 0




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  1. The Vino 2 Go Wine Cups are great for tailgating parties and for many outdoor events. These cups were featured on the Today Show. Check out the video that shows all the uses and benefits of the vino2go cups including one of the best benefits is to your beverage cool longer by insulating the exterior wall from the interior drink compartment.

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