Canes Forgot Athleticism in the Russell Athletic Bowl

I hate to be so harsh on the Canes, but I think I am not the only fan that felt like he or she was watching a horror movie last Saturday instead of the Russell Athletic Bowl. Vishnu Parasuraman wrote a great article reflecting on the performance of the Miami Hurricanes at the Russell Athletic Bowl.  Notice the use of the word performance and not athleticism.

Russell Athletics Bowl

It is easy to understand that Duke is a star on the Hurricanes, but it is hard to believe that without his presence on the field that our team is completely lost and without energy. Fans were expecting a bold showing that made Teddy Bridgewater regrets his decision to turn down The U for Louisville. Instead, we were embarrassing.

Canes fans were hoping that Coach Al Golden was a ray of sunshine and would be the messiah that would bring the Hurricanes Football Program out of the mediocrity that was the Randy Shannon era. Now, some avid fans, namely Uncle Luke Campbell, are question whether Randy Shannon deserved to get the boot and whether we were doing that bad under the Shannon.

OLNEPPXCBBCYHUG.20130125151248Was Al Golden the wrong choice?  Al Golden came to Miami to coach the Hurricanes and honor the University of Miami legacy as the most recognized brand in college football. He described it as his dream job. To Coach Al Golden’s credit, he entered the University of  Miami that immediately entered controversy hurting his ability to recruit. He has in that time brought some amazing players on and created a culture of student athletes ready to work.

Is the issue a bad fit between an otherwise great coach, Al Golden, and the Miami Hurricanes Football Program located a lush recruiting ground with a legacy of swagger and success?

We may not have the opportunity to decide if Coach Golden takes off for Penn State leaving us in another “transition” year and starting from square one. Before we as fans get too angry and help make Coach Golden’s decision to abandon The U easy, let’s give Coach Golden another year to show us what his coaches and young players can do. Might I suggest we start the off-season work with finding a defense?

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