Canes #7 in Poll; Notre Dame Comes to Town; and ESPN’s College Gameday in Coral Gables

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated – Mark Twain

Hey there Canes fans.  So sorry I have not posted in awhile.  I will not make any excuses.  I’m sorry.  With that being said, let’s move on because typing these articles is cathartic for me.  As a fullback, I used to love the shotgun formation.  It got me out a three-point stance and into a position where I could survey the field.  Here’s a survey (and my musings of what’s going on in Canes Land).

  1. Canes are currently 8-0.  Although they haven’t played perfect football, their schedule is in fact perfect.  The College Football Playoff Committee, chaired by Kirby Hocutt (yes, the Kirby Hocutt who jumped ship from UM after saddling us with Al Golden). Has no love for the Canes.  Four one-loss teams are ahead of Miami: Notre Dame, who is good because they lost to Georgia (and Georgia is good because they beat Notre Dame – how about that for circular reasoning); Clemson, who lost to Syracuse (apparently their loss to Syracuse is better than Miami’s win against Syracuse); and Oklahoma and TCU, who both lost to the mighty 3-loss Iowa State.  Aside from Hocutt’s double talk on Tuesday nights, and the Committee’s disrespect for Miami, this is what bothers me – all of these one loss teams are given a mulligan, a do-over.  The Committee overlooks their worst game (a loss to a terrible team) and gives them the benefit of the doubt and crowns them.  But Miami – no mulligan.  Miami played Syracuse and North Carolina close (and won).  No “mulligan” for winning.  This is crap. In the end, Canes just need to cake care of business – they control their own destiny – win and they’re in.  But, still, the hate is real.
  2. Catholics vs. Convicts – This has not aged well.  The more I hear it, the more I get a pit in my stomach.  Context is everything.  I won’t harken back to the origins of this tag line – there is a ND biased 30 for 30 documentary if you are so inclined – but the meaning of “convict” in this context is THUG.  It’s just that Catholics vs. Thugs didn’t have as nice of a ring to it.  I’m not a millennial.  I’m not always PC.  But I am thankful that in 2017 we finally recognize what people mean by the word “thug”.  I don’t wish to go into this any deeper.  I just think it important to note how far we’ve come as a society, and how far we have to go.  That being said, F@*% Notre Dame and the clowns that came up with this tagline.  
  3. ESPN’s College Gameday is in town.  Coral Gables is a buzz.  The campus looks amazing.  This will be a great opportunity to showcase our amazing university for 3 hours on national television.  I anticipate this being a 3 hour long commercial for the University of Miami.  Synonymous with College Gameday are signs.  Please enjoy our sign.  Hopefully polite enough to get on TV, but mean enough to troll Notre Dame.


And with that, this Shotgun Formation is over.  This is a special time for Miami Football.  There is something in the air.  Things smell better.  Food tastes better.  Drinks pour colder.  Etc.  Enjoy it Canes Fans.  See you on campus tomorrow morning and at the Rock tomorrow night.  Let’s eat.

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